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David Lusby


Just found out about this site, and am so thankful. I've been able to study while on the road through my crackberry because of it. If ever you need any help on anything regarding this site let me know. I'd love to help out.


David Lusby

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  • Note Cards and Notes for Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame. (11/14)
  • North America Note Cards and AVAs of Santa Barbara County (11/08)
  • Notes South Australia GIs and Australia Note Cards (11/7)
  • Practice Master Exams (10/28)
  • Loire Valley Must Weights (10/27)

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  • This site is for the passionate masochists who are pursuing a Master Sommelier certification. The notes, note cards, questions and study guides included here are the tools that i use to study. If you find them useful, please make a donation below. Any donations help offset the substantial costs related to keeping this site running and updated.

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